You can play an important role in Puerto Rico Disaster Recovery.

hispanic federation's UNIDOS disaster relief and recovery program to support puerto rico


On September 20, 2017, everything changed for Puerto Rico. A hurricane of unprecedented strength destroyed much of the island, leaving the great majority of Puerto Ricans without power, water, communications and access to food. In response to the immense devastation created by Hurricane Maria, the Hispanic Federation (HF) convened government, community and philanthropic institutions and leaders to create the UNIDOS Disaster Relief and Recovery Program. 

The goal of our UNIDOS Program is clear: to serve the immediate and long-term needs of families and communities in Puerto Rico. To do so, the Federation has taken unprecedented action, helping to coordinate hundreds of donation drives in the U.S. mainland, distributing millions of pounds of food, water and essentials to those most affected by the storm, delivering emergency relief aid to the 78 hard-hit municipalities, and seeding 13 million dollars to support emergency relief and recovery projects throughout Puerto Rico.


We’re proud of the work we’ve done to date, but we know so much more is left to do. The fact remains that an unbearable number of our families in Puerto Rico are still without power and remain without regular access to basic necessities like water, food and medicine. Recovery will take many years, but we are committed in every way possible to be a significant part of Puerto Rico’s renewal. You can learn more about our efforts here.

Adapted from UNIDOS: Disaster Relief and Recovery website

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